update on Zumba

Have been to a couple of Zumba classes now, both taught by different people ,both very different classes.

The Lady that usually takes the class is off with a knee injury, so it will be good to experience her take on Zumba.

I am told her classes are slower with more dance

As usual I seem to have slipped into the class well, I do so love group things 🙂

With running and swimming you don’t really have to think ,you just drift along, but with Zumba you have to be thinking all the time while trying to learn all the moves.

I certainly never realized it was so hard to shake your bum to a rhythm, and I am so please no one is watching me 🙂

As you know I like to wear bright colours,but for once I wish I had a black t-shirt as every time I look up all I can see is my bright pink t-shirt reflected in the mirrors !

Think I will be phoning from Madeira to book the next class 🙂

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6 thoughts on “update on Zumba

  1. Pietro

    Hi sally,maybe I’ve got this wrong?but do you live in Madeira and take zumba classes in the uk?myself and my partner are thinking of moving to Madeira and she is zumba instructor,is there a call for it there?hope I’ve got this right lol

    1. sally

      Welshcakes… there is a saying that is very true about exercise giving you energy, the more you do the more you want to do 🙂

    1. sally

      No way ..not until I at least know what I am doing…. which could be never 🙂

      Today’s teacher had tassels on the back of her trousers it was so cool watching them swirl around 🙂

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