The first of many.. I hope !

This year I decided it was time to get back into reading 🙂

I soon realized that this was never going to happen, unless I made a plan.

First I joined a face book reading group,started by a friend, but that did not spur me on.

Then I decided just like for everything else in my life , a routine was needed.

So I marked a time in my diary , that would be my reading time every day, just half an hour to get me going.

Now five weeks after starting my book I have finished it, not a great achievement for most but a huge one for me.

The book was The Memory Keepers Daughter, not a fantastic book, as it goes a bit flat in the middle , but it had a great start and a decent ending, which is good as I always feel let down by books that have a rubbish ending.

Now the question is what to read next ??

The book group people have given Room good reviews but I think I will read a book I bought a while ago called The ice cream girls .


Maybe it will be The Friday Night Knitting Club.

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11 thoughts on “The first of many.. I hope !

  1. LadyBanana

    I so want to get back into reading, I have a pile of books waiting for me.

    Just can’t seem to find the time or motivation..

    1. sally

      yep lady Banana .. I know just what you mean BUT I have made time and the effort has been well worth it 🙂 lets hope i can keep it up 🙂

  2. Working Mum

    My plan is to read a chapter a night in bed, but I always fall asleep before I get to the end of the chapter! Must do better……

    Make sure you review your reading matter, I’m in need of something new!

    1. sally

      I too tried the read in bed thing but always fell asleep too 🙂 I now enjoy half hour reading when i get home from work with a cup of tea 🙂

  3. Gledwood

    I have a book that looks good called Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir. I’m going to try reading it in bed tonight… hopefully all shall go good…

    best of luck with your reading. Your attn span is probably OK… yeah? Mine is awful. Appalling. Terrible. I remember what I dreamed last night better than I recall what I read yesterday…. y’know!

  4. Reluctant Blogger

    Yes, I have been doing something similar as you know – just put in a slot for reading. Although I haven’t made much progress lately. I was too tired after skiing all day and I seem to have forgotten my reading slot each day since I got back. Must try harder tomorrow!
    But well done on finishing a book.
    And what about “One Day”? Did you ever read that?

    1. sally

      I started one day but found it hard to get into not sure i liked the style of writing but i may be able to read it now i am getting back into it … will let you have it back when we meet up

  5. CherryPie

    Now you have started you should get onto a roll again 🙂

    I am very much into reading at the moment. I always seem to have at least two on the go at any one time. It is mostly non-fiction though which is why there are only a few recent book posts on my blog.

    1. sally

      I have another book called dying to be thin a true story about Nikki Grahame and her battle with Anorexia… which one shall i read first 🙂

  6. Geoff

    Cool great to have a plan and great to hear you are reading more! You should create a blog category called something like book reviews 🙂

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