Decisions .. Decisions

Remember my love of beach huts and the paintings I love but could never afford

Well I have come across a painting I could afford but cannot decide if I should buy it or not.

By the time I decide I expect it will be too late.

Do go take a look at Duane Lake Images he has some pretty nice stuff

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10 thoughts on “Decisions .. Decisions

    1. sally

      Ellee ,
      if i had the money it would not be a beach hut I would buy but a real house in town … yes its Southwold

  1. CherryPie

    If it isn’t the one you want maybe you should wait…

    If it was the one you wouldn’t hesitate 🙂

  2. Ladybanana

    Buy it! You’re as bad as me being so indecisive!

    Just think how much pleasure it will bring every time you look at it on your wall 🙂

  3. anne

    You have wanted one for so long ,so why the indecisiveness…?? Maybe you don’t really want one after all .. If it is meant to be , it will still be there ..

    1. sally

      the indecisiveness is due to thinking should i buy this one when its not really the one i want but then this is nice and i can afford this one 🙂

  4. pandammonium

    Don’t miss out on something you’ve wanted for so long now you have the chance. If you really like it, buy it. You don’t want to be left kicking yourself over it like that “Cath Kidston” bag in China!

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