Tonight for the first time since having my shower fitted I was able to enjoy a nice hot bath.

All thanks to a little gadget similar to this one

It certainly works and now I have plenty of hot water.

You don’t know what a luxury a bath is till you cannot have one !

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7 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. sally

    Anne, its because my shower is so powerful it pumps out tons and tons of water this little gadget halves the amount of water used but we still get a good shower.

    My shower also comes straight from my hot water tank which only heats up water over night to last all the following day 🙂

    James it sure is 🙂

  2. anne

    I have read this a few times and watched the little video, still not sure why you haven’t had hot water for bath. Do you mean that when the boys had a shower they used all the water ?

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