An experiment

I have a wart on my finger 🙁

Many years ago I used to have about 10 of them…. but I just woke up one day and they had gone 🙂

This time a friend at work says try covering the wart with duct tape.

Been doing just that for 2 days now , something is happening to it but I am not sure what !

Will let you know if it disappears 🙂

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4 thoughts on “An experiment

  1. Calamity Jane

    Duct tape was recommended for a verucca – also a wart – I had last year. I couldn’t use the proprietary cures because I’m diabetic and could have ended doing my poor delicate footsies an injury. Anyhoo, the duct tape kind of worked – I tolerated it for a couple of weeks but in the end I just dug the blasted thing out – the tape had made it softer and I was able to scoop out the ‘root’.

  2. lady macleod

    I’ve heard all sorts of uses for duct tape but this is a new one! I hope it works, if not they can ‘burn’ them off in the doctor’s office you know with that freezing spray… Good luck!

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