Fridge Magnets.

In the past few years I have taken to collecting fridge magnets.

They make nice little souvenirs of all the lovely places I have been lucky enough to visit since meeting Geoff.

They take up no room in my house and are easy to carry home.

I have already got a Les Gets one from the summer,so today I bought myself two winter ones.

I was amazed at the price of these fridge magnets, almost 10 Euro, so maybe the most expensive ones I have ever bought.

Worth the money though as they will bring me hours of pleasure.

Now I wonder where the next fridge magnet will come from 🙂

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One thought on “Fridge Magnets.

  1. anne

    They are expensive indeed .. I take it that is for the two LOL

    But as you say, they give you pleasure 🙂

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