White out

We woke today to find it snowing, Just what Les Gets needed.

It has continued to snow all day long.

So no skiing today as I hate skiing in low light

When you cannot tell the difference between land and sky.

So a very lazy day doing nothing , I could not even get Geoff out for a walk.

Now i want it to stop snowing πŸ™‚


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7 thoughts on “White out

  1. brian not tescos

    We know youre enjoying yourselves too much out there cos there have been no posts for 2 days!

  2. anne

    Geoff you are entitled to a lazier sort of day…. you sometimes need to take a breather…! I was just surprised thats all πŸ™‚

  3. Reluctant Blogger

    Maybe your legs were grateful for a day off???

    I have been very scared on occasions when we’ve been caught out in snow – it’s amazing how quickly you lose any visibility at all. Trying to keep sight of all the children is so stressful that by the time I get to the bottom I am a right state! They are oblivious of course and say “wow that was fun,let’s go up again”.

    The snow should be good tomorrow anyway. Get out early whilst it is clean.

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