The main thing about ski-ing which scares me is the Speed.

As my ski-ing has improved I have become more in control, which means I am better at controlling my speed,well most of the time 🙂

Today I took my GPS out with me to record my maximum speed.

Now I am not a fast skier by any means, my aim is always to get from top to bottom with no falling.

To my amazement my maximum speed was 25.9 mph.

Geoff is a snowboarder and his GPS recorded his maximum speed as 34.6 mph.

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7 thoughts on “Speed

  1. sally

    Anne… get Arni to take you on a skiing holiday… and go to ski school thats the only way to learn 🙂 and your right its like riding a bike you only get better and never forget 🙂

  2. sally

    Brian ..having a fab time just waiting for T to come out 🙂

    Anne … I wont say its easy as its not 🙁 its something you really have to want to do and you have to have the confidence too

    Cherrypie I try not to think about how fast iam going ..else i panic 🙁

    Dad yes it should be that easy but finding geoff on the slopes is the hardest thing … I did a video of a complete stranger thinking it was Geoff lol

  3. brian not tescos

    Hope you are all having a great time out there 😉

    Meanwhile still snowbound here pushing cars up the road!

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