Rain and Sunshine

On Sunday we did our walk with the Cambridge Rambling Club.

A good 14 mile walk with 11 eager walkers turning out in torrential rain and Heavy winds.

At one point for a few seconds, I really did think we must be mad, but lets face it what else could you do on such an awful day.

Today was a complete contrast to Sunday, cold, clear blue sky’s,and lovely sunshine.

So we found ourselves down near the coast at Wolferton, walking round Dersingham bog before we headed to Sandringham and a look round the Queens Sculpture Trail.

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6 thoughts on “Rain and Sunshine

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  2. sally

    Geoff .. good job you found out now that your new boots leaked

    Cherrypie… yes very therapeutic and no bath is as good as the bath after a wet walk … as long as the water is hot of course 🙂

    Reluctant blogger if your not mad you can miss out on so much fun

    Lady Banana glad to say being a big walker means i have all the right kit for wet weather walking 🙂

  3. CherryPie

    Walking in the rain can be quite therapeutic 🙂 The warming up and drying out afterwards is especially nice 🙂

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