Reaching my Goals…

Less than 4 weeks now till I go off to meet Geoff in Lima, to say I am getting excited is an understatement 🙂

I have had my ups and downs but then that’s quite normal I suppose and as someone pointed out to me… Its only human to miss your Boyfriend.

This is an update on the projects I set myself when Geoff went travelling.

Just back from a 44 min run…  the longest route I have done so far, I expected it to take me longer than 44 min’s which means I must be getting fitter.

Even if I just do it once I have to find a route that will take me about 60 min’s give or take a min or two.image

I have now lost 8 lb of the 10lb I wanted to lose and feel fantastic for doing so 🙂

As for Sex in the City well I am now on Disk 7 out of 18 and enjoying every second.

I have also watched some great films.. The chorus, The boy in the stripped pyjamas and Cheri, this weekend it will be The Kite Runner.

Sundays you will have found me out walking anything from 12 to 16 miles, and Mondays you will have found me at the pool doing my half a mile.

When it comes to reading and making cards I have failed miserably but I am not going to beat myself up over this 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Reaching my Goals…

  1. sally

    Gary…. how nice to hear from you, I missed you on the leg stretcher walk in april, but sure we shall catch up again.

    ssshhh dont mention french as maybe thats what i should be doing rather than watching rubbish 🙂 🙂

    will pass your regards on to jill who i expect i will see on sunday 🙂

  2. GARY

    Hi Sally

    Glad to see you are doing a lot of walking, give my regards to Jill of Cambridge Ramblers if you see her soon.

    Note you are watching the entire series of Sex and the City and also have seen Cheri. Sure beats learning French!


  3. sally

    ooohhh I forgot about all the little jobs I have been doing for Geoff too… changing flights… checking mail…. getting glasses….. taking meter readings 🙂

  4. jmb

    You are a very busy lady indeed Sally. You make me feel exhausted just reading this. You must be amazingly fit.

  5. Geoff

    My what a busy bee you have been whilst I´m away lazing about on canoes and boats. Don´t forget all the sauna´s and other social activities too………………

  6. Anne

    You have been busy Sally time must of flown by…which you didn’t think it would…good idea to set some goals… might do it myself one day!!

  7. Jenny

    What about your gardening projects and keeping your computer up and running on your own? You appear to have kept yourself very busy.

  8. onethoughtfulwoman

    I think you have done just great in every way. Ok, no cards but they will keep, it doesn’t mean you won’t do them and books are often for long winter evenings.
    Keep up the positive attitude.

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