The Question is….


Do I get an Aqua Pure Traveller  water filter to take to Peru with me.

Not quite sure how bad the water is but I do not want to risk getting an upset tummy.

So far Geoff has escaped an upset tummy but Emily who is actually in Peru has had quite a nasty tummy upset.

I am only there for 2 weeks so the last thing I want is to waste days being ill 🙁

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6 thoughts on “The Question is….

  1. Expedition Matt

    Do it! I used one to morocco for 2 weeks and was the only person not to get ill! They’re fantastic and so easy, can fill up from anywhere!

  2. anne

    I would buy one, you certainly don’t want to risk drinking that water, and being ill 🙁

  3. Lady Banana

    Is it not possible to buy bottled water over there – save a lot of hassle and your health!

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