A few tears were shed at my house this evening.

Andrew was gathering his paperwork together for his test tomorrow when he noticed….. he had got his test date wrong and it was actually last week 🙁

A very costly mistake as he has now had to re-book and pay for another test.

We have re-booked it for 12th May but it looks like we shall have to change it… his driving instructor wont be available that day as its his birthday.image

It was very upsetting to see my son so upset and as a mum I of course blamed myself for not checking on the date myself.

In the end I reasoned with him and told him at the end of the day it was a mistake.. everyone makes mistakes just learn from it and don’t make the same mistake twice.

I am not sure he feels any better about himself at the moment but he will in time.

I have dealt with it by thinking maybe it was fate…  maybe for some reason, he was not meant to take his test just yet.!!

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8 thoughts on “Tears….

  1. Caroline

    A similar thing happened to my son regarding his theory test. I felt that I had let him down, but at the same time these boys do need to learn to take more control of their own lives, this is what sets them up to be successful adults.

    However, I really feel for Andrew and you.

    Although I also buy into the fate idea – there may well have been a very good reason for this that you will never know.

    He will go on to pass his test in the near future and will on day laugh about the date mix up!

  2. jmb

    Oh dear, what a mix up but it happens/ has happened to us all. More time to practise so he definitely should pass this time.

  3. Lady Banana

    I would think it was just fate as well but that still doesn’t take away the gutted feeling Andrew experienced – all that preparation and getting psyched up!

    But, it’s just the type of things that would happen in my house..

  4. Ellee

    I felt so sorry for Andrew. It’s true our boys do need organising. When David went for his theory test first time, he forgot to take the papers he needed and had to be rebooked. I wonder what’s in their heads sometimes!

    Good luck to Andrew when it does come round. I have no idea why his driving instructor needs a day off because it’s his birthday. Surely he can still work then.

  5. anne

    Oh poor Andrew, you are most probably right Sally, wasn’t meant to happen today..I am sure things will ready for next date 🙂 x

  6. Reluctant Blogger

    Oh poor thing. We all know how awful it feels to make a mistake like that. And we all do it.

    I once turned up to see Lenny Henry a week too late (and the tickets had cost me a fortune) and I also once turned up to a conference a week late (or it may have been a month late).

    Poor poor Andrew. But as you say, perhaps it just wasn’t meant to happen today. At the end of the day it does not matter – it is something that does not just happen once and when you’ve missed it you’ve missed it, it was just a date. Inconvenient and frustrating and expensive to miss it – but not the end of the world by any means.

    Big hugs to you both.

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