City life…

Thanks to Geoff I still have some where to stay in Cambridge while he is away.

So this weekend I took myself off to the city. great offley 003

It always amazes me how at “ home “ I feel in Cambridge, having spent all my life living in the countryside its not something I would have expected.

I saw more people  and did more things over the weekend than what I would do here in 2 weeks 🙁

Apart from seeing friends and having fun I also went out walking with our favourite walking group the Cambridge Rambling club.

I have had this walk highlighted on my calendar for a while, as it was the Bluebell walk.

The walk was In birdsGreat Offley and the Bluebells were magnificent.

Jill led 12 of us on a wonderful  17 mile walk, in glorious sunshine.

It has to be one of the best walks I have been on and its a shame Geoff missed it 🙁

During the walk we saw 4 red kites, they were magnificent to watch, soaring through the sky.

Then on the Monday I got a swim and steam at Greens before visiting a friend in Ely on my way home.

All photos can be seen here…

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6 thoughts on “City life…

  1. Diane Forest-Hill

    Hello Sally

    I came upon your site through Doodlecat and spotted this post about the Bluebell Walk.

    There are bluebell woods like this not far from where I live in Hampshire. I was there last Wednesday and spent a pleasant couple of hours rambling around. Nothing like the 17 miles of the walk you went on!

    It’s the light, the way the beech leaves glow in the sunlight and the irridescent shimmer of the flowers beneath.

    I’ve created a link to your site. I shall drop in when I can.

  2. sally

    Jenny … it was quite a way from cambridge , we started the walk from Great offley near luton i think and i could not tell you where we walked … now if Geoff had been with me we would have had the walking route 🙁

  3. anne

    Beautiful walk Sally..Maybe you feel at home in Cambridge as it is where Geoff lives…mind you, you still spend a lot of your time in the countryside during the day there. Best of both worlds I would say…:-)

  4. CherryPie

    Those bluebells are so beautiful 🙂

    Going away is obviously good for meeting friends, you need to teach me how to do that 😉

  5. jmb

    You are very lucky to have these wonderful weekends away, with and without Geoff. Aren’t those Bluebells a sight?

  6. Jenny

    Great photos. How far is it from Cambridge? Would like to go to see bluebells this weekend.

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