Third Time Lucky.

On Saturday  my son takes his driving test for the Third time.

After passing his theory test first time way back in Nov 2007  he failed tests in May 2008 and then July 2008.

By this time he was unemployed so abandoned the driving lessons.

Then he got his job in Aug 2008 at the Construction College in Bircham Newton.image

It took a while but after some encouragement he restarted his driving lessons.

Now he has a big incentive to pass, as work have offered him a full time job starting in July on condition that he’s passed his test.

Lets hope his days of biking a 25 mile round trip to work and back are numbered.

The Red Clio still sits outside for him too, he has taken it slow and easy this time so lets keep our fingers crossed for him .

It will change all our lives if he can drive that’s for sure.

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11 thoughts on “Third Time Lucky.

  1. Reluctant Blogger

    I shall keep everything crossed for him.

    A 25 mile round trip by bike is very heroic. Let’s hope that is soon a distant memory for him. not that I condone commuting by car but 25 miles is too far – much too far!

    And it is fab to be able to drive. I remember the sense of freedom I got when I passed my test. Wonderful!

    Good luck, Andrew!

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  3. Jackie Willis

    Do take a look at my website. I am a Norfolk based driving instructor and have produced a set of downloadable podcasts for learner drivers to access quality private practice between driving lessons. In this way learners can literally save hundreds of pounds on ‘repeat’ driving lessons and failed tests.

    Also look at the link in the orange box at the bottom of the menu bar: this will take you to a page telling you about a book written by Diane Hall, a driving instructor in the west Midlands, called ‘Lofaway2Pass’, and which shows the learner how to use particular techniques to raise confidence and dispel driving test nerves. This book, used together with the Virtual Driving Instructor audio driving lessons, will make a very powerful way for every learner driver to take control of their own driving practice between driving lessons (of which they will require far fewer, so saving money).

    Click on this link:

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