I often worry that I have not been a good Mum.

I wonder if they could have a better life if only I had pushed them more when at school.

I know I managed the best I could on my own with two boys.

People are quick to criticize but in truth they have no idea what its like.

Even I would not admit how hard it was at times to be away from family and friends and have no help

We have been through a lot together and at times we have hated the sight of each other.

They are now becoming independent young men and I realize leaving them at weekends has been good for them.

They work out how to do things even when “Mum” is not here to ferry them around.

As a result we have a happy friendly relationship.cumbrian way 068

Nothing prepared me though for the Lovely Mothers day gifts they had for me on my return from walking The Cumbria way.

I expected Money for new walking socks but I also had a huge card… an ornamental pot of flowers with the message “if mums were flowers I’d pick you”…..  and a DVD film called PS I love you. 

When asked why they choose that film I was told because its a book your reading 🙂

So maybe I am not such a bad Mum after all  🙂

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10 thoughts on “Touched..

  1. Ian

    Stop beating yourself up!.
    You have done the best you could for them.
    And i’m sure they will turn out to be good men, and a credit to you.

    We all go through this, Sally……….

  2. Reluctant Blogger

    Oh wow, what wonderful boys. You give me hope actually. Some days I despair of mine and wonder what the heck I am doing or if I am doing anything right at all. They just seem so wild some days – haha well I mean today. Some days my tether seems very short as I reach the end of it by about 8.30am!

    Well done for doing such an amazing job with yours. They sound fab!

  3. Ellee

    Sally, I think all mothers ask themselves the same question. There is no doubt that your boys are a great credit to you and that comes from the way you have brought them up.

  4. Welshcakes Limoncello

    I’ve never had any doubt that you are, and always have been, a wonderful mum, Sally. I’m sure you followed your instinct and that it turned out to be right. That’s a lovely ornamental pot of flowers!

  5. onethoughtfulwoman

    You may have seen my recent tweets about parent/child struggles. Only today, I said to Mr E I was afraid, in spite of my mummly best efforts, that people would judge me later because my child won’t be good enough, smart enough and productive enough. I recognised that this feeling was wrong.
    Reluct and I had tweeted about it.
    You do your level best, and because you write what you say shows that you and I care enough to think about it and want to do our best.
    I think that makes us good mums- which by-the-way your are and I know that our children think that too.
    They will be reflective when it is there turn, hopefull,y about all the things we tried to do, for their best interest at the time.
    However, you are right about independence, that brings confidence and that is what my tact is now with my own daughter.
    Beautiful gift.
    You will treasure it.

  6. anne

    You have been a great mum!!! 🙂 x x Had problems along the way, things got sorted…Look at them now 🙂 Don’t put yourself down Sally….You have done well extremely well, look how far you have come!

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