After living in this house for 4 years and doing nothing in the garden apart from planting a flag pole cherry tree and some Rhubarb.

I finally excepted that I wont be moving on for sometime or maybe even neverimage.

So the result of that was going out and buying a gooseberry bush and 2 dwarf apple trees.

I can taste the gooseberries already 🙂 

The intension had been to get only one apple tree but I didn’t realize you need others to pollinate them, so the end result was 2 trees.

A Red Pippin eating apple, sweet juicy and cox like, also a Blenheim Orange  which is a cooking or eating apple with an aromatic flavour.

Geoff will come over on Wednesday to plant them for me.

Then I hope they bare lots of fruit so I can repay him with endless crumbles and pies.

Next I may even get some flowers 🙂

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