Must be the week for housekeeping because like Ellee I have also been tidying my side bar.

Removing a few things and adding new things too image

Geoff experimented with the side links to my massage pages and my social networking places and I think they all work rather well.  ( what do you think ?? )

I decided to remove both blog rolls to Blog Power and Blog Hounds BUT that does not mean I will be leaving these blogging families.

I still have to tidy up my own blog roll then I will be all done.

Finally I will then find time to visit all my favourite blogs and I hope to find a few new ones on my travels too 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Housekeeping….

  1. Geoff

    Well I quite like them, but an unnamed member of my family suggested I shouldn’t give up my day job – He then remembered I had retired:-)

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