Back On Line…..

Every now and  again I have a few problems with my Netgear router.

A call to AOL usually gets it sorted in no time at all,and that is the main reason I stay imagewith AOL.

If you follow me on twitter you will see that today I had major problems… so I made my usual call to AOL and thought it would be soon sorted.

How wrong can you be…

All was going fine until they suddenly decided that the account was not in my name but my late husbands name.. they then insisted on talking to him and would not deal with me at all.

My call was then transferred to customer service where I was politely told that nothing would be done until the account was in my name and I had to send David’s death certificate to prove he was dead.

I explained that at least 3 years ago I had the account changed over to my name and I have paid the bill ever since, but they would not listen to me, and they finally hung up on me when I insisted on speaking to someone higher.

People that know me will also know that I am a happy smiley kind of girl but for some reason this phone call upset me a great deal and has left me with sore eyes from crying. πŸ™

Now you might wonder how I managed to get back onto the Internet, well I called AOL back and this time the guy from India was not so switched on… he asked for the password , which of course I know but he didn’t realise I was a female and not a male called David.

So all is well for now BUT I wonder if its time to get my mac code and move on.. and if it is how on earth will I get this code if they have not updated their system all those yeas ago when I took the account over.

Feeling very foolish now for letting the Guy from AOL upset me so much  πŸ™

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8 thoughts on “Back On Line…..

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  2. jmb

    No wonder you are upset, mind you I would be so angry I wouldn’t have time for tears. I often have trouble with our cable/internet provider since we foolishly put the account in my husband’s name but I insisted they put something in the computer to say I am authorized to deal with it. He never deals with any of these things but they are getting so much tighter nowadays with security. They even have instituted a password system here too.

  3. onethoughtfulwoman

    And that’s why I don’t deal with AOL. So sorry to hear of this Sally. Get your mac-code and start to shop around. If they haven’t even updated your records then I just wonder what kind of company they are, keen to take your money and little else.
    I will still complain and go higher. This behaviour in customer service is outrageous.

  4. Jonathan

    Get a mac code & move on…

    Yes it is must have been upsetting (people have said some pretty unpleasant things to be in my various jobs) – but the thing is – I am pretty sure that he isn’t thinking about you know. So don’t think about him….

  5. CherryPie

    Oh! Sally that is awful, but all too common these days with the creep of call centers and the set questions!

    One of my female colleagues has been quite traumatised trying to sort out her (deceased) fathers account and get it closed off so no more bills arrive!

  6. Ruth

    they do it on purpose, especially if it is a female they are dealing with. It has happened to me several times and I have to resort to a male friend of mine for help. He calls, and it is fixed in minutes.

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