Edward Bliss’s Mausoleum..

On Sunday I woke to the sound of pouring rain but was not put off going on my walk.

So off I went to Brandon Country Park to meet up with the Newmarket Ramblers.painting 013

Eight hikers turned out for this 14 mile, figure of 8 walk… I  knew all the walkers so there was much chatter as we walked.

The girls led the way and one of the boys (he knows who he is ) struggled to keep up with us at times.

I expect his legs ached on Monday morning 🙂

We hardly noticed the rain as the trees in the forest sheltered us well.

Many Thanks to Tess for leading the walk with the help of Millie the dog, and we wont mention missing a turning :-)  🙂

A shorter drive this week , taking aprox 35 min’s and a round trip of just 54 miles.

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3 thoughts on “Edward Bliss’s Mausoleum..

  1. peter wells

    the edward biss mauslem in brandon country park has now been changed to a flint museum some years ago i wrote an essay of edward bliss of brandon country park
    and one time high sherrif of suffolk he left his estate to his brother in law who at that time had to changehis name from aldridge to bliss to comply with the terms of the will
    when almeric padget bought the estate many years later other residents of the estate have been john rought and james aird who built the greenwich gas works and the millwall docks both of what now belong in our past edward bliss died in 1845 his will with its convenant is now in bury archives the man was born in essex and much of his property deals are to be found in the essex record offices on there seax search system his brother william bliss also has his will on this system he also had a hand in the early
    building of hampsted heath.
    the aldrich family or the father of them was born in lisbon they later were given the title of baron barretothey lie buriedin st. peters church brandon along with edward bliss edwards wife died in london where she is buried in st. george hanover square in 1851 the barons were told this title was not valid in england but used it as they mixed in high society the barons son died in belieze where he is buried the cash from his vast estate was left in trust to the people of belize only the interest can be used there was also a fund raising event held at the national science musum in london i have a photo coy of it still the people of belize still have a baron bliss bank holiday each year he left his wife in marlow where they were livingbefore he left for belize he is said to have collected rolls royce cars and been a playboy before he was paralised and decided to leave england for belize i did ain my local history certificate from the uea for this consingment the results of it are in the bury st. edmunds archives but for pictures of edward bliss sales ledger you can ask at the refreshment room in brandon country park 0r in the heritage center in brandon its open on weekends

  2. onethoughtfulwoman

    I am glad you enjoyed your walk. Like the photo, know which one is you. It’sgood when you are motivated even in the bad weather. Forrests in the rain sound fresh and inviting.

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