At Last….



I so wanted to go to the cinema to see Mamma Mia, but could never be bothered to drive into Kings Lynn to actually see it.

There are lots of things I would like to do but its always that drive into Kings Lynn that puts me off.

So today I was lucky enough to pick up a DVD copy from Tesco for £7.99 and that’s even cheaper than at

Now I just have to find the time to watch it… and I don’t think it will be this week πŸ™

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8 thoughts on “At Last….

  1. liz

    They had it playing on a tv in Sainsburys today and it made me smile again, just catching glimpses of it. You must make time to watch it! You’ll love it!!

  2. Lady Banana

    I’ve not seen this one either, but I have several DVD’s I’ve not had time to watch yet.. or maybe it’s because I spend too much time online..

  3. Ellee

    That’s cheap. I bought a copy for my mum for Christmas, but I know I paid more from Amazon and I think I might now buy myself a copy. I’m a great Abba fan.

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