Some R & R before Christmas…

This time next week we shall be at Geoff’s apartment in the French Alps.

A four day long week-end to look forward too.

It wont be all play time though as the reason for the visit is to get the apartment ready for his winter bookings.

This is the scene there today taken from the web cam… the snow has arrived as you can see.


Geoff will spend the whole of January out in Les Gets snowboarding, me and the boys are lucky enough to be joining him for a week too.

Its a great way to start the new Year.

for further details on renting the apartment visit

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7 thoughts on “Some R & R before Christmas…

  1. Reluctant Blogger

    Oh yes, have a lovely time. We won’t get out on snow this year and I will really miss it. Luckily we have had some snow on the dryslope today so we got some proper skiing in!

    Are you a boarder or a skier?

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