T-Mobile and the Nokia N95

Today was the end of my 18 month mobile phone contract.

Many weeks ago I decided that I was going to upgrade to the Nokia N95 but I wondered when I would find time to make that upgrade.

I need not have worried because T-mobile phoned me this afternoon to see if I would like an upgrade.image

We sorted it all out in about 10 min’s.

Nokia N95 free

200 min’s free

200 text free

and the Internet on walk and web all for £22 a month which is  £5 less than what I pay now.

I just hope I like the Nokia phone as much as I like the Sony Ericson phone.

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9 thoughts on “T-Mobile and the Nokia N95

  1. tbrrob

    They’re both great makes of phone. I moved away from Nokia for 18 months — It was one of the worst consumer mistakes I’ve made.

  2. Ellee

    When I negotiate my new contact with T Mobile, I want to get some free overseas calls too which I hear other phone companies provide. Did they mention that?

  3. Ellee

    Hi Sally, I always wished I had got this instead of the SonyEriccson. However, it had bad reports at the time about low battery life, and it looked so complicated. I would be interested to know how you get on with it, what the maps are like. I know the camera is great. Did you look at the Nokia N96?

  4. Lady Banana

    I’ve had an N95 since February on the 3 network and I love it!

    Can do just about everything on it and even make phone calls! 🙂

    The only downside is the short battery life.. 🙁

  5. Philip

    Scobleizer uses his N95 for some of his video shows but make sure you upload via the Internet and not on the phone system as it will cost a few bob. Look forward to watching the videos on my iPhone so make sure they are on YouTube.

  6. Ian

    Hi Sally,
    I bought a Virgin phone from woolworths 9 months ago.
    Cost £9.99. I put £10 of credit on it, still got £4.62 left.
    But you girls use the devices far more than us mere men.
    Hope you are happy with your choice.

    PS. what have you recently put on your site?, i used to click you and the page loaded instantly, now the page loads, but i have to wait 30 seconds before i can scroll around.

  7. CherryPie

    I am hoping to get a new phone soon and thinking of changing my network to T-mobile. Would you recommend it?

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