October madness..

Sunday was the annual trip to Dunwich beach with the Jesus green outdoor swimming people.

As Geoff is home early from his walking trip we were able to go.

We left Cambridge as the sun was breaking through with the  promise of a warm day and  arrived in Dunwich in cloud and mist with the temperature barley above 12 deg.

We then joined 20 other people for a swim in the sea… passers by looked at us all in amazement.

As I am scared of this sea it was a great achievement for me to stay in and swim around  for 20 min’s.

Then it was out and off for fish and chips to warm up.

The mad thing was we did a 160 mile round trip and did not go for a walk on Dunwich heath  🙁

dunwich 012


More Photos can be seen here  and  here

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8 thoughts on “October madness..

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  2. sally

    Lady banana… believe me when i say my life has not always been as exciting as it is now…. infact i pinch myself most days to make sure iam not dreaming it all 🙂

    Crushed.. thanks for the comment.

    reluctant blogger.. it really was not that cold , the river in cambridge is much colder :-0

  3. Crushed

    Former rotten borough most of which was destroyed in Elizabethan times, but once the chief port of Suffolk..

    Last Church fell off the cliff during the first world war

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