I start my Indian Head massage course tomorrow at the College of West Anglia in Kings Lynn.

The course was paid for weeks ago and the Cheque cleared on 27th August.

At this moment in time I have had no conformation, or information about this course.

I have phoned student support on several occasions, they transfer my call to the beauty department but no one answers the phone.

Its only because I did my massage course last year that I will know where to go tomorrow but I feel totally unprepared.

Last year we were instructed on what uniform to buy, what books to buy and what stationary equipment we would need.

I hope this is not a sign of things to come……

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4 thoughts on “Disappointing….

  1. Gallimaufry

    Don’t forget to take an Indian head along to practice on. If you’ve not got one already try those supermarkets that sell okra loose and rice in 25kg bags. If they haven’t one in stock they’ll order one for you. Biro,notepad and a couple of passport size photos should be enough for day one as it’s usually registration and housekeeping. Good luck and imagine you’re making crumble mix 😉

  2. Dragonstar

    So many people who should know better tend to just muddle through. It will all pick up once it gets started, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it a lot. Have fun.

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