The Answer is….

I made 10 jars of blackberry and apple jam. 

Using Geoff’s fathers sugar thermometer I got the perfect set and it really is far better than last years Jam.

I also had enough left overs to make 2 blackberry and apple crumbles….  one for both my Homes 🙂

jam 011

jam 013

jam 016

I now have my eye on a recipe for a Hot Indian Relish or maybe some Marmalade…….

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10 thoughts on “The Answer is….

  1. Denise

    Hi Sally, well done you!
    I have picked some brambles this week and am getting some more…..I fancy making some wine.
    The tasting and testing should be fun! LOL!

  2. Wolfie

    Wow, I bet that tastes wonderful. Living in London these days I really miss that home-made preserves and things which you find in the countryside so easily at the right time of year.

  3. Geoff

    After having some of the jam on my toast this morning I can say it is totally delicious – now to get all those blackberry bits out of my teeth 🙂

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