Ding Dong……

I have one of those wireless door bells, don’t know why because no one ever comes to my house.

But all night long the bell goes ding dong, we are so used to it now, that we just madignore it.

So if anyone was to come to our house, we would never answer the door.

I have been told that its people locking and un-locking their cars that set my bell off, the bell must be on the same frequency.

Apparently you can change the frequency of these door bells but I have no idea how

I really should try and find the instructions, before it drives me insane  🙂

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7 thoughts on “Ding Dong……

  1. jmb

    Isn’t it amazing what we put up with in these situations. When we got our garage door opener we found it going up and down at all hours because it coincided with a neighbour’s house. We did change it thankfully without too much trouble although I have no idea where the manual is now.

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