True story…..

An old couple came into Tesco and asked to speak to a manager.

A few days earlier they had bought some disposable BBQ’s from Tesco.

when they opened one to use it they were very disappointed to find the meat missing.bbq

The manager explained that they don’t come with meat but the couple was sure they did because the lid of the BBQ said so !

The manager had to explain that it was just a picture showing an example of what you could cook on a BBQ.

He offered a full refund and all was well.

As they went on there way the man was overheard saying to his wife…

"best we go get those other 2 out the freezer then"

Honest its true and I laughed about it all day 🙂

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8 thoughts on “True story…..

  1. Jonny

    Brilliant.. i am looking to buy one of these… phew, now i know there is no meat inside and i need to buy it seperately…hahaha

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