Rekindling an old love affair…

wentworth miller

In May 2007 I spent some time bonding with my eldest son.

It started my great love affair with Prison Break and Wentworth Miller.

Since then we have tried on several occasions to catch season 2 on UK TV Gold but have always failed in our attempts.

Finally last weekend I found Prison Break season 2, the whole 22 episodes, at a price I could afford.

I am in heaven…   3 episode down 19 to go 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Rekindling an old love affair…

  1. Aretha A. Nesmith

    I’m a big fan of Wentworth Miller and especially Prision Break. I have the complete series on DVD. It’s my guilty pleasure when I’m sick or I have a day off from cooking school. (smile) My friends make a little fun of me because I wanted to name a dish or 12 after him…….(laugh)

  2. elaine williams

    There’s a group of us at work that lovvvvvve Prison Break and Wentworth Miller. I have cable tv so don’t get sky one (since they removed it) so my friend at work records the episodes for me to watch. Unfortunately Sally i watch them and give her them back so she can keep recording for me otherwise you couldh’ve had them

  3. onethoughtfulwoman

    So glad you have found something missing from your viewing that you can now enjoy.
    I expect your son, although perhaps not voiced, has equally appreciated your time with him.
    Enjoy the watching!

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