Sally Twitter’s for 2008-01-07

  • Good news it looks like my clio will be reparied and not written off..just waiting for insurance company to give to ok #
  • just downloading printer drivers from net… #
  • given up with that keeps crashing laptop 🙁 #
  • just tried Emily’s yogalates 🙂 #

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2 thoughts on “Sally Twitter’s for 2008-01-07

  1. sally

    Yes Ian I totally agree with you and the plan was to get a new car in the new year anyway. BUT i want to do it in my own time and not be rushed as i cannot be without a car for even one day living where i live 🙁

  2. Ian Hunter

    Oh Sally, far better your car is written off!
    It will not drive the same, it will not feel the same.
    And you will be aware of it every time you sit in it.
    Trade it in Girl, get another one.

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