Sally Twitter’s for 2007-08-21

  • Like a winters day here cold wet and windy #
  • Sardines on toast for lunch and its stil raining #
  • Matthew just had shower and water came through kitchen roof #
  • No more showers till they come srt the leak will take up to 5 days 🙁 #
  • Just out the gym sweating well :$ #

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2 thoughts on “Sally Twitter’s for 2007-08-21

  1. Elaine Post author

    Ahhh yes…… but a passing lorry yanked the overhead power cable off my house at 6.30am this morning leaving a live power cable laying in a busy road and my house without electricity – luckily the electricity board came out and put a new one up after lunch!

  2. Welshcakes Limoncello Post author

    I sympathise. I’ve got water in a washing machine drawer, a sink blocked yesterday, a light fitting has broken and the flush handle on the loo came off in my hand – all in a day! Plumber/electrician can’t come till tomorrow.

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