Back home….

After a very emotional and draining Funeral in Romiley  near Manchester.

My boys were fantastic , Matthew even managed to get up and say a little speech all about his dad, Andrew dealt with it in his own way but they are boys to be proud off.

For me it was a very hard, emotional day but I think I dealt with it well and would like to say Thank you to all those people that showed me and my boys great kindness in our time of sadness.

I now have a lot to deal with over the coming weeks/months and I hope I can deal with it quickly and painlessly, although I doubt it will be painless for me.

A big Thank you must go to Geoff who drove us up to Manchester and collected us after the funeral, it was a big help, we loved the tour round  Creswell  his home town, and the Boys enjoyed staying in Cambridge ,was like a little holiday for them.

I spent the rest of the week-end swimming and sunbathing, recharging my batteries ready for the coming weeks.

Must say I do get sun burnt in the most strange places……

I see James has been blogging about the lack of visitors from blogpower people so I really must try and get round to visiting them all some time this week.

I also see lady M  has awarded me the Thoughtful Blogger Award, which is most kind of her.


I will pass it onto Ellee, Anne, and of course Geoff….

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6 thoughts on “Back home….

  1. jmb

    I was thinking of you having to go through this. I’m glad it’s over for you and your sons, well except for all the horrible paper work and officialdom.
    It’s great that you have Geoff to help you through this, as you help the boys.
    Take care

  2. lady macleod

    I am pleased to see you back, and to hear that Geoff continues to be the knight in shining armor, I love that. Your boys sound splendid indeed. One foot at a time..

  3. sally

    Mutley…at times like this you have no choice but to cope….

    Anne .. you know you can ring anytime…

    Sam.. Thanks for your kindness..

  4. Anne

    Thank you Sally, very much appreciated…and thank you so much for the chat late last night……

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