Meet Adam…

cake 018


This is Adam, the nude that lives on Geoff’s landing.

He is gorgeous and I just have to stroke him every time I pass.


Will be away now for a few days but on my return I will catch up with all my blog reading….so be watching out for me.

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9 thoughts on “Meet Adam…

  1. sally

    Beaman…. No eve that we know off but would be nice if there was one sure she would be just as beautiful and deserve stroking too.

    Lady M… Thanks for the gift.. was a nice surprise x

  2. Beaman

    It’s a wonderful sculpture however do you have an Eve? I don’t fancy stroking that one.

    (I bet you were just waiting for someone to mention an Eve :p )

  3. jmb

    Hi sally,
    it is indeed a beautiful piece of wood which I would be wanting to stroke anyway but now that the wood has been transformed into that beautiful male form, how could you resist?
    Glad that Geoff’s cake turned out so well and the birthday celebration was a success.

  4. Geoff

    The gallery where I bought him from had him displayed in the centre of a large room. The owner expressed disappointment when I bought it as all the old ladies used to come and stroke him.

  5. jameshigham

    Which part will you all stroke?

    Sally – I said I’d run three walkers this evening in the Focus but will hold off until Saturday, if you don’t mind – it fits the theme better.

    Glad to see you get away for a bit.

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