Back to work….

Very hard going back to work today so much sympathy and kindness.

Makes you realize how many good people there are in this world.cake 020

If only some one could come and deal with all this paper work I have, some of which I don’t even understand.

Not too worry it will get sorted in the end, we have dealt with sadness before and it made us strong, we will deal with it again and it will make us stronger.

Beautiful flowers from wonderful friends…..

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6 thoughts on “Back to work….

  1. Welshcakes Limoncello

    I do empathise, Sally. It is hard going back to work and resuming “normal” life when you feel anything but “normal”. I’m glad you have thoughtful friends there. Time doesn’t heal, but with it comes acceptance and a kind of tranquillity. Love from Sicily x

  2. Miss Smack

    I’m so sorry Sally. Please accept my sincere condolences.

    At least the boys have a wonderful mother that can recount stories about their dad when they’re older. Although you’re not with him any more, I completely understand how that with kids, that invisible thread is never lost.

    All the best.


    Having been through this too often, I agree with jmb’s comment. Stay focused and take care of yourself during this hard time. ((HUGS))!

  4. Ian Lidster

    I missed your earlier references about the death of your ex until this morning. My deepest condolences. It doesn’t matter if we are apart, there was something that brought us together in the first place, and that is what we remember. If something were to happen to either of my exes, I would be quite heartsick.

  5. jmb

    The first day is the worst, dealing with the people, but now you will have something to distract you and that’s a good thing.
    One day at a time.

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