Geoff’s coming of age parties….

As most of you know it was Geoff’s big birthday at the
week-ecake 014nd.

He had a full day of activities planned and they all went very well even if we did get a bit behind schedule at one time.

My favorite part of the day was going to see Taming of the shrew in the gardens of St Johns college.

It was so good I almost didn’t notice that it was pouring down with rain.

My cake turned out really well and was enjoyed by everyone… not a crumb was left.

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6 thoughts on “Geoff’s coming of age parties….

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  2. Rilly Super

    ah the joys of outdoor Shakespeare. Once we went to see one of his, one where everybody gets married in the end but after a rather extended loose ends tying up session – as you like it, or one of the rom-coms, and when the heroines finally came on in their wedding dresses at the end after the rain had steadily got heavier, the sky darker and the audience colder and wetter the lady next to me in the front row uttered a loud ‘oh thank god for that’. I don’t know why people insist on staging these events when there is a perfectly good invention that makes them unneccesary, a theatre…

  3. Ellee

    I can vouch for what a great cake it was. And The Shrew was absolutely magnificent, I enjoyed it tremendously, despite the drenching.

  4. Geoff

    What a great way to celebrate 60 circuits of the Sun. A big thanks to you for making it so enjoyable and for baking & icing the cake. Pity about the rain but at least it was sunny all day.

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