A special cake for a special person

Geoff has a big birthday coming up soon.

He hinted that he would like me to make him a birthday cake, something I have not done for a very very long time and never a proper fruit one.cake 003

Not to be put off doing one I looked through my favorite cake book…. Mary Berry’s Ultimate cake Book .

Last week I made the classic fruit Celebration cake, it took over 4 hours to bake and turned out looking and smelling very nice.

I am now feeding it with brandy preparing it for marzipan and icing.

What I hate most about making these cakes is that you wont actually know if its any good till the day its cut and eaten.

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9 thoughts on “A special cake for a special person

  1. jmb

    I never met a fruit cake I didn’t like. Never. My favourite food. But I don’t bother with the marzipan for myself, since I don’t like it. Looking very good, I’m sure Geoff will love it.

  2. Foxy

    Mmmmm, Xmas Cakes, just love making, baking and eating them. I follow Deli Smith’s recipe.

  3. Geoff

    Looks great and I’m sure it will taste great – Lets hope it is big enough for the mass of candles needed 🙁 –
    I wonder if the Brandy will pose a fire hazard 🙂

  4. Ellee

    Sally, what, no giant muffin! I’m looking forward to watching Geoff blowing out the candles, I love birthdays.

  5. Maple Kiwi

    4 hours to bake – wow! You’re a very patient woman. I find with cakes that you can usually tell whether they’re any good when you smell them baking. If they smell good, generally they taste good too. Of course, that doesn’t help if they dry out or something.

    Good luck with the celebration. Looks like a yummy cake to me!

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