Sally’s gone all girlie…..

After doing our 10 lengths of Jesus green this morning with Caroline, we went into town as I really needed some new jeans.

While on our way we passed the craft market and some bags took mine and Carolines interest.bag 002

Some really nice bright unusual bags, so we stopped to take a look.

The bags are made in Cambridge by Ruth Schmid… her company is called Q here    

They are made of new tarpaulin, which is light and easy to handle. The advantages of this versatile fabric, is that it’s also strong, heavy-duty, long-lasting and waterproof, making them just perfect as a swimming bag.

I just had tobag 004 have one and I choose a bright yellow and green one with added circles as decoration.

We then carried on into town where I got treated to the most girlie skirt you have ever seen plus a girlie top to go with it, thinking my walking boots would just not match my out fit I then just had to get some girlie shoes to match my new out fit.

I am not quite sure what came over me…I have never had anything so girlie before.

There is a special birthday coming up soon so now I have a special outfit to wear and you will have to wait and see what my outfit looks like 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Sally’s gone all girlie…..

  1. Caroline

    Go for it Sally – celebrate the fact that you are a girl – being a bloke looks pretty boring in the clothes department.

    Just came back for an exhbition on history of clothing at the V & A and the guys used to dress in a much more flamboyant way – very stylish and quite sexy, loads of colour and silks. A lot more fun that whats on offer for them these days. Whereas us girls … so much choice and such fun to hunt down those gorgeous little pieces that make us look fab. Love the shoes – can’t wait to see the whole ensemble.

  2. Andy

    Nice bag but couldn’t see the straps and waist band and I’m not sure it’ll hold that much but I guess it’s ok for a short walk. As for the shoes, I hope you weren’t conned here because there’s no way that they are either water proof or Gortex lined … did you remember to take your 1000 mile socks when you tried them on ?

    Anyway, regarding the outfit for this up coming event, Personaly I like the one you wore in your previous post ….


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