A Fishy tale….

I am sure most of you know that I work on the fish counter at the most loved supermarket đŸ™‚

I have worked at this store since the day it opened so know all the staff and most of the customers.

Like most people some days I love my job other days I hate it….

Last week we had whole salmon on offer at half price and I only had 4 salmon in during the whole of the week.images

Today I went into work, the offer had finished and I had 15 boxes of whole salmon . That got my day off to a real good start.

Then to make matters worse while filleting a whole salmon I sliced my finger quite bad.

I never knew I had so much blood in me it was everywhere and took for ever to stop bleeding .

As from this week some of my fresh fish is now coming in frozen . The fresh fish is just not available at the moment ,too much fishing in the past and I wonder how long it will be before its unavailable altogether.

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7 thoughts on “A Fishy tale….

  1. fake consultant

    being new to blogpower, i did not know you work at the fish market, but having made the discovery i thought you might enjoy this link to a webcam (actually, two) that operates at a fish market at seattle’s pike place market.


    seattle is -8 hours from london, and the market is open sunday 0700-1700 seattle time. (monday-saturday 0630-1800 seattle time).

    there will be many salmon, and because of a peculiar ritual at this particular shop, after being selected they will be thrown through the air to the wrappers behind the counter.

    if that’s not enough salmon, here’s another link to a downloadable video from a salmon viewing window at a fish ladder (thanks to the washington state department of fish and wildlife):


    hope you enjoy…

  2. sally

    Pleased to say we sold all the salmon with out any going to waste. Customers got a good bargain as I reduced them by 50%

  3. Ellee

    Sally, my sister needed first aid in Tesco recently after her trolley collided with her ankle and bled badly and she couldn’t stop praising them. Hopefully, you had good care too.

  4. marina

    Hi sally:- I hope your finger is healing. Knife, blood,me out for the count. I love fish and eat it at least once a week if possible. It is very disappointing to see the small variety of fresh fish available at my local supermarket. Tesco or Sainsbury. I do wish they would ‘count their losses’ sometimes and eventually customers would perhaps begin to buy different types.

  5. sally

    Foxy…. your baker is better trained than our first aiders then….. I had to hold my finger under cold running water….

    Crushed .. you should find out where your fish counter is…. fish especially the oily kind should be eaten every week.

  6. Crushed By Ingsoc

    Do you know, I have no idea where the fish counter is in my supermarket.
    I have tendancy to wonder aimlessly through it, in the belief I’ll find what I’m looking for.
    It does happen eventually.

  7. Foxy

    The trick is to slow down the stem of the flow, is hold up the hand in the air. Straight and high as possible, It does work. A Baker told me this in the other well known supermarket where I work ;-).

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