Day 2 Refuge d’ortu di u piobbu to refuge de Carozzu

Monday 18/6/07

Today we had an earlier start, woken by the other people getting up and ready for the days walking.

After a good nights sleep and feeling happy as I had not found day one that hard, I was looking forward to the days walking.

We set off at 6.20 am, little did I realize that this was going to be a much harder walk.cropppppppp

Infact we spent very little time walking today, most of our time was spent climbing, scrambling and bouldering…. all things I have little experience with.

So it took us 7 hours to reach the refuge, I was worn out and craving sugar….this was to be the day my love affair started with Corsican Cola.( a drink I never usually touch)

 we did think we might use our tent tonight but the ground looked so hard and stony we decided to stay in the refuge again.

The showers here were very basic but you had plenty of room to move about in them.

The Guardian of the refuge did a great 3 course meal for 15 euro. and I think he took a liking to me as Geoff got his wine for free 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Day 2 Refuge d’ortu di u piobbu to refuge de Carozzu

  1. lady macleod

    Cheeky shot. Look at those buns! Well done there. I am enjoying the post about the hike, but it continues to make me long for the walking, hiking, climbing. (sigh)

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. sally

    Meranda…you found me, now I will have no secrets at work, hope your dad did’nt see this !!

    James…. the only time I like to stop in one place is when I am asleep…..

  3. meranda

    whatever will you do next i will never be able to look at you in the same way again ha ha

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