An unusual request…


Earlier this week I received an unusual request from Maple Kiwi, her blog is called

Love in a tent.

Hopefully I have been able to help her out but I am not going to tell you what this request was…..

To find out your going to have to buy her book called sex in a tent, which will be available from Amazon in October.

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8 thoughts on “An unusual request…

  1. Anne

    I could tell you a story about “Sex in a tent” but not on here πŸ™‚

    We can;t wait until October to find out….come on spill the beans.!!!!!

  2. Maple Kiwi

    That’s it Sally – keep ’em guessing. By the time the rumour mill has stopped turning you’ll be supposedly appearing as a nude centrefold on the summit of Mt. Everest!

  3. lady macleod

    more revelations about sally! whoo hoo! you shall be even more famous, on all the talk shoes, OK magazine will print lies about you – it will be brilliant.

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