Back training soon…

if you read my blog on a regular basis you will know that some time ago I canceled my gym membership…. then sulked for weeks.

Well today I went to look around  Lynn sport ,after finding out I could get a real good discount as I work for Tesco.

My 19 year old son also wanted to join a gym so we can get a joint membership and he can take advantage of the discount too.bodyworks1

I am used to small quiet gyms , at my last gym I was often the only person there when I went. This gym is big, busy, and bursting with energy I found it very hard to leave. I will get a personal program and a target to aim for, the program can be changed every 6 weeks and will include some weights for toning.

After all that hard work there is a sauna to relax in and a coffee bar too.

Maybe I will even get to meet some real people and make some friends in this area.

The only down side is that it is an 8 miles drive from here …but for the sake of my sanity I think I will over look this.

As someone pointed out to me , 3 hours overtime a month and my monthly membership is paid for…put like that I can hardly wait to go and sign up

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6 thoughts on “Back training soon…

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  2. sally

    jmb……. spinning classes, I went to these twice a week for about 3 years… I loved them. Was tempted to add classes to my new membership but decided in reality I just may not have the time to do everything. If i change my mind I can always add it on at a later date.

  3. jmb

    I belong to a gym connected with the university Human Kinetics dept. It’s called Changing Aging and is for 55 and up. It is quiet too, usually only half a dozen people there at a time when I go since, I do not do the spinning classes which is their main focus and has lots of people at those times. I really like it when it’s quiet and you don’t have to worry about waiting for the equipment on the circuit.
    I hope you enjoy this new gym.

  4. sally

    Thats it I have been and signed on the dotted line… have my induction on Wednesday then I am free to use the gym when ever I wish too.
    Ellee, no personal instructor for me.

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