Day 1…Calenzana to refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu

Sunday 17/6/07


After arriving in Calenzana late on the Saturday night we stayed at the Hotel Monte Grosso, which was an experience in its self.

We were up early and eager to be on our way but decided we had to have breakfast first.

while waiting for breakfast we saw many walkers setting off . I could see that Geoff was getting restless and knew if I had said “lets go” we would have been off with no breakfast., but for once I kept my mouth shut.

We finally got on our way at 8.30, I was excited to finally be on our way but also a little scared as I was unsure of what to really expect as I had never done this kind of walking before.

Much to my delight ( as I knew it would please Geoff ) we soon caught up and over took most of the walkers we had seen setting off while we waited for ouGR20 018r breakfast.

First part of the walk was fairly easy and we saw many lizards scuttling about, then between Bocca a u Saltu and Bocca a u Bassiguellu the walk became more difficult with a fair amount of scrambling.

The ascent down to the refuge was a welcome stretch and we finally got there at 14.30pm,  6 hours after setting off.

To our surprise the refuge was very busy with many people camping.

We decided to have a bed inside the refuge on this night.

On this day I had sweated so much all my clothes were just dripping wet, it was very embarrassing.So even the cold shower was very welcome.

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3 thoughts on “Day 1…Calenzana to refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu

  1. Ann

    Sally would you recommend this walk ? What logistics did you use ? Where did you fly to and which ferry did you get ? I seem to have found limited information.


  2. Geoff

    A great start on 17th June, after scouring the village to try and find a set of pliers to free of your Aldi telescopic pole. Saved by the hotel owner yet again! We certainly climbed the 1,550 metres pretty smartish in 4 hours of walking time. Pity about the humidity and clouds! Excellent day and post.

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