How it all began……

Before I start doing the blog posts about my GR20 walk , I thought I would let you know how it all came about.

I have been an active member of the Ramblers Forums for a few years ( though not so active now ).

A small group of us had got together over the years and tried to meet up every few months or so for a walk.

Around October time 2006 we were planning a walk at Castle Acre, we always posted these walks  on the forum to see if we could get any new walkers coming along.

At this time Geoff showed an interest, and did eventually come along , Caroline and Ellee came along with him too.

After this walk Geoff and I started meeting up often for a walk, as I had showed a great interest in walking longer distance. In the first month we met we walked about 120 miles.. πŸ™‚SallyandGeoff006

At about the same time I had posted on the forum about wanting a walking holiday in 2007…… if you read through the thread you will see Geoff suggested the GR20, at this time I thought he was joking and didn’t really take much notice.

As the months went by and it was mentioned many times I slowly began to think maybe just maybe he really did think I could do this walk.

Then we went off to the peak district for some walking , where I got my real bad blister.

After this I changed my boots and got a ruc-sac , now I really began to think I was going.

We did some more training in Wales then 2 trips to Les Gets  in the french Alps. Before I knew it I was in Corsica walking the GR20 having the time of my life ,thanks to a  chance meeting with someone who has changed my life and given me  opportunities I never ever expected to get.

I still wake up every day and pinch myself to make sure its real and not just a dream πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “How it all began……

  1. Caroline

    Your quite an inspiration to us short haul walkers, perhaps we should aim to be a bit more adventureous – thanks and well done.

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