Home Sweet Home

Arrived back in Norfolk yesterday evening…. back to work today !

I had one amazing holiday and I can see why the GR20 is known as the toughest trek in Europe.

At times it was very very scary, more like climbing than walking, but I did it with no aches, pains or blisters. Me who hardly gets to see a hill let alone a mountain has walked the whole of the GR20 in 14 days.

Some photos up on my blog…..others will be added to my flickr.…. sorry all the real rude ones are for our eyes only 🙂

Question now is……. what next ??????

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6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. sally

    Hi Del, great to hear from you and so glad you got home safe eventually.
    We stayed in porto Vecchio for a day then had a day at the beach on our way up to Bastia. where we got the ferry back to nice.
    The trek was fabulous some thing I will remember for ever, will also remember all the great people we met and all those great rock pools too.

  2. Del Stewart

    Glad to see you got back OK from the GR20.

    Completing the route is indeed something to be proud of. I think it must rank arguably, as THE best walk in Europe. And I can certainly agree with that.

    After leaving you and Geoff, I spent 3 nights in Ajaccio, then 2 in Corte and 3 in Calvi. I found it hard at first to adjust too town life. In Ajaccio I got in trouble at the camp site for climbing over the entry gate, I just forgot to open the latch.

    I had a bit of a hassle on the return flight in Paris, my flight was over booked and they would not let me on the plane. However, I was given a voucher for 350 Euros and a free night in the Hilton – wonderfull – clean sheets and a bath.

    Anywho – keep planing the long distance foot paths – GR10 next year.

  3. jmb

    Just looked at all the pics. That’s one bloody tough hike. You should be proud of yourself.
    How about the Milford Track?

  4. sally

    Thanks to both of you….. I will never be able to say in words just how great it was…… its been a very emotional time for me….

  5. Anne

    Well done Sally, it looked brilliant….I do envy you….even though it was hard work it must of been great. x x

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