More photos…..

The rest of my GR20 photos are now up on my Flickr .

Sorry there have been no blog posts yet but I have been too busy cleaning my house…..  and enjoying the compliments found here and here.

Also enjoying the fun here too.

Off to Cambridge for the week-end then will get dowGR20 068n to writing my blog posts.

Just to keep you going here are the stats for the walk…..taken from Geoffs pedometer

97 hours out time

54 hours walking time

43 hours stop time

1/4 million steps

12701 m up

12715 m down

All that resting time he had waiting for me to catch him up… 🙂

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10 thoughts on “More photos…..

  1. sally

    so glad you all like the photos….. Marek I loved Bavella and wish we had spent a little more time there…. feel free to use any of the photos on your web site

  2. sally

    WOW those gorgeous rock pools ..I will remember them for ever….:-)

    Swimming at Jesus green this week-end just wasn’t the same .

  3. lady macleod

    Brilliant!!! Have a fun weekend. I am looking forward to all your stories of your adventure. Oh Geoff! “and all the time spent stripping…” too much fun! Huzzah!

  4. Ellee

    Well done both of you, and welcome home, I shall enjoy looking at the pics. What an incredible achievement, you should be really proud of yourself Sally, I know Geoff is.

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