A Family Outing….

Most families go out to the cinema or out for dinner, but not us.

I decided to go out for a jog and was joined by both my boys.

Now there is no way I can keep up with either of them these days.

My eldest son has been at college for 2 years doing the uniformed services course… so has a very high level of fitness.

The younger son does GCSE PE at school, so his fitness level is also good, and its about to get better as next week he starts his work experience at the college gym.

We must have looked a comical sight those two playing cat and mouse and me trailing way behind.

My legs felt very heavy from my week-end of walking…. that’s my excuse anyway 🙂

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5 thoughts on “A Family Outing….

  1. Geoff

    Cool, the fit family in action – you will outrun them – my guess is after 10miles or so they would be lagging way behind 🙂

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