A waiting game….

My Dad is a keen gardener and has a beautiful Flagpole Cherry Tree in his garden.

Also known as a Prunus Amanogowa

It’s been there for about 10 years and is beautiful at this time of year.

Perfect for small gardens as they grow up but not out.

In August last year I got one for my garden too….. trouble is I want mine to look like my dads now.

Still waiting for Longhurst Homes to come and mend my garden fences too, think a few more phone calls are needed.

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4 thoughts on “A waiting game….

  1. jmb

    Hi Sally,

    I love these trees. They are wonderful for a small garden, which I don’t have but I have a tree that needs replacing and am considering this again. They are hard to find here. I remember 30 years ago when I was choosing trees this one was in my folder.regards

  2. Ian Lidster

    Oh, the patience demanded of the gardener. I empathize hugely about you wanting your tree to look like your Dad’s. Hey, I want mine (I have the same species) to look like your Dad’s.


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