Hot property…

Would you buy a house on E-bay ?????

Geoff’s son is trying to sell their house in Peterborough and they have decided to try their luck on E-bay.

I have been to this house and its very nice with a lovely secluded garden, which is easy maintenance too.

Will be interesting to see what happens .

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3 thoughts on “Hot property…

  1. jameshigham

    Sally, do you ever stay in one place more than 48 hours? Admire your energy levels.

    As for selling on E-bay, I wouldn’t but then I’d never connect money and the net in any way. Just a perosnal preference.

  2. Anne

    The house is absolutely gorgeous, and if I could I would buy it ….just my style….down here in Oxfordshire….that would be a lot more than that. I’m sure it will be snapped up.

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