Back to Reality…..

After my 3 fantastic days in Les Gets, it was up and out on the 7am train from Cambridge.

Thanks to my friend Andrew for picking me up at the train station and getting me to work on time…also for looking after my car and best of all WASHING it too.

I finally got home to find my house in a tip, my alcoholic ex husband had drank all my alcohol which was bad enough but he had also had my special Valentines wine I was hysterical because I could not even find the empty bottle.


This is just what I wanted to do to him if I could of got hold of him  🙂

Any way all this happened a few hours ago my tears have dried and I have moved on……

Photos are up on flickr from Les Gets week-end, some fantastic photos too.

I have all my blog reading to catch up with too  🙂 so be expecting a visit from me soon.

Nearly forgot to add ouch ouch ouch my Thighs ache like mad….lol

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4 thoughts on “Back to Reality…..

  1. sally

    Welshcakes, serves me right really I should have known better and moved it I was just so excited about going away it slipped my mind……….

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