Nothing to stop me now……

I can now blog when away from home thanks to Philip who has lent me a laptop.

I can also keep up with reading my blogs and doing my comments too.

Its just fabulous and I cannot thank him enough,maybe I could try and find him a size 6 lady  🙂

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3 thoughts on “Nothing to stop me now……

  1. newmania

    You have rather nice legs Sally which I suppose is to be expected . In fact you are a trim little minx all round as far as I can tell yum yum. L:ucky old Boyf/Husb …I couldn`t see which .

    Its such a shame that Mrs. N has a bad hip I used to love climbing and walking . Have you done the coast to coast.,Its fabulous . Recently i have not had the tme for excercise for the first time in my life and it has made me miserable . Body Mind and Sprit . Bit touchy feely but …there it is .I think you need to balance


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