Walking Free week-end…..

As we are off to next Les Gets  next week-end we decided to have a resting week-end.

Saturday we went off to Nottingham to Visit Geoff’s son Steve and his partner Ren.

After Geoff had done a few jobs for them and destroyed their heating in the process, we went for a wander round Nottingham.

After a few drinks we went to The Palm Tree Restaurant.

Its down by the Railway station and looks nothing special from the out side but inside its a very authentic Lebanese Restaurant.

It was my first taste of Lebanese food and I would highly recommend it but the high light of the evening had to be the Belly Dancers, how I would love to be able to dance like them, great exercise too.

Sunday we spent the Afternoon at the Riverside club which was another new experience for me.  🙂  but no photos available……

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7 thoughts on “Walking Free week-end…..

  1. sally

    Trisha,  knowing me what do you think ???? Thats why there are no photos 🙂

    Anne,  you wont be joining me then, all i can say is you don’t know what your missing 🙂

  2. Anne

    Sally I would do most things, or at least try, cycling, walking, climbing, would even learn to run if I had to…but just couldn;t do that.

  3. trisha

    nothing ceases to amase me with you sally. well the question is did you or did you not. hope you wore plenty of sun lotion.

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